Lincs Physio Service 

Lincs Physio Service

Our award winning Lincs Physio Service is committed to delivering excellent care by providing high quality NHS musculoskeletal assessments and treatment to our clients in clinics across Lincolnshire.

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See below recent feedback from the 'Friends and Family Survey' 

'I appreciated the caring and educational approach. While theres still some pain, I am able to do some helpful exercises.'

'A very pleasant polite young man - explains my problem in words and demonstrates exercises I can easily understand​​​​​​​'

'The physiotherapist I work with is helping me to try and reach the goals we have both set. With his experience, knowledge and support I believe that the goals can be slowly met.'

'I was very impressed with the therapist I saw, she was very professional and explained and also listened to my ongoing issue she explained everything clearly and was polite and ready to listen at all times. It was  agreed at session to do certain exercises but not to over do them, and has arranged a second visit. Big thanks to her please.​​​​​​​'

'Excellent service explain what exercises are the best and why. Very efficient and professional service .​​​​​​​'

“Nothing could have been better. The physiotherapist was very knowledgeable and friendly.”

“Telephone and face to face appointment was very quick and provided advice regarding xray and physio and exercises. Very efficient.”

“Very good | The appointment was on time, the physiotherapist was caring and understanding of my problem. He explained how I was being treated & gave me additional exercises to assist with easing my condition.He arranged a further appointment to monitor my progress.”

“Your staff were knowledgeable, patient with me and provided excellent information and advice.”

“I had an excellent service. Good exercises, listened to the difficulties and adapted to meet needs or identify problem. Very easy to talk to felt relaxed and always on time”

“I had an excellent experience. I was listened to, supported and was given excellent advice. Genuinely all round good experience”

“The young chap i saw was very helpful and showed me some exercises to do. And listened to what i had to say. He was also very polite and professional. There was nothing he could have done better.”

“Super friendly physio very knowledgeable about my problem exercises were shown and explained for me to do at home”

“Very happy with treatment. The physio was very good at explaining things and very helpful”

“Prompt appointment. Thorough evaluation & exercises to target issues. Excellent interpersonal skills & very reassuring.”

Image of Faye

My name is Mat
I'm a Physiotherapist at LCHS

I work as in a clinical setting with the NHS and in Private practice, sharing my week between both. I specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy in the community setting. I enjoy playing football, going to the gym and playing golf with friends. I have a keen interest in exercise and how this can be used to support physical and mental health.